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 2014 PACE Summer Dance
Workshops/ Intensives w/PACE and Guest Faculty


Email:    Call: 304-422-0311-Mon-Thurs 4:00 PM- 7:00 PM until 5/1/14

June Summer Study Student Special- Register and Pay by May 15th and receive a $5 discount. Space is limited. We look forward to dancing with YOU!

WEEK 1        June 2nd- 6th (Mon.-Fri)

Grown Up & Me: Sunrise Surprises 5 day Dance Workshop  

Faculty: Lori Patton & Rachel Romage

Designed for our youngest aspiring dancers to experience with one adult. 45-60 min of instruction with our professional faculty introducing the foundations of ballet, jazz and tap while exploring creative movement, foundations of musicality, and motor development. Dance with us in a FUN and Creative environment.

9:30-10:15 AM- ages 18-24 mos. (limit 15) $40 + tax $42.40 $37.10 early bird 5/15/14

10:30-11:30- ages 24-36 mos. (limit 15) $45 + tax $47.70 $42.40 early bird 5/15/14

*Age as of June 1st 2014

Contemporary 4 day Intensive w/ Lindsey Florence (Mon.- Thurs.)

An opportunity for experienced and competitive dancers to explore contemporary dance with Lindsey in this 4 day intensive workshop. Minimum 2 years dance training to participate in this Intensive.

4:30-6:00- Ages 9-12         (limit 15 students)  

6:00-7:30- Ages 13 & up    (limit 15 students) $45 + tax= $47.70 $42.40 early bird 5/15/14

WEEK 2         June 11th-14th (Wed.-Sat.)

PACE 4 day Summer Dance Intensives

Faculty: Morgan Heflin Parsons, Michelle Bowling, Lori Patton, Rachel Romage, and Lindsey Florence

Designed for our professional and competitive minded students. This Intensive will incorporate a variety of professional faculty and instruction to diversify and maximize learning for our students in just 4 days!!!! Come Join our most requested camp experience!!!! Sign Up TODAY, class sizes are limited!!  **Limit 25 dancers per upper levels, Limit 18 dancers age 5-8.

Ballet and Jazz Technique and Performance Quality Training

Level I-II Age 5-8 (minimum 1yr training) Age as of: 1/1/14 for 5yr olds

3:30 PM-5:30 PM  $60 + tax $63.60 ($80 value!) $58.30 early bird 5/15/14

Ballet, Jazz, African Jazz, Improv, Conditioning, Untapped (for tappers and non tappers)

Level III  (minimum 2 years training)

9:30 AM- 2:00 PM (½ hr lunch break)  $80 + tax $84.80 ($160 value) $79.50 early bird 5/15/14


Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Untapped (for tappers and non tappers), Modern (Taylor influenced), Modern Improv, Jazz, Jazz Improv

Level IV-V (or Teacher Recommendation) 

9:00 AM-2:15 PM (½ hr lunch break)   $85 + tax $90.10 ($200 value) $84.80 early bird 5/15/14

WEEK 3       June 16th-20th (Mon.-Fri.)

Specialty Workshops-age as of: 3/1/14

Faculty: Lori Patton & Rachel Romage

For our recreational students and those who want to learn how to dance for personal development, creative expression and for FUN! This is a workshop designed just for YOU! Come join us at PACE this week and make some new friends while learning some new moves! Limited class sizes for PERSONAL Attention!    

Fairytale 5 Day Dance Workshop
Ages 3 & 4  Limit                    15 students 
9:00 AM-10:00 AM                 Ballet/Jazz Fairytale Camp
$50+ tax= $ 53.00 $47.70 early bird 5/15/14

Fairytale 5 Day Dance Workshop
Ages 5-8                                  Limit 18 students
10:30AM – 12:30PM                Ballet (1 hr) Jazz/Hip Hop (1 hr)                      
$60 + tax= $63.00 ($100 value) $58.30 early bird 5/15/14


Hip Hop/ Jazz/ Musical Theatre 5 Day Dance Workshop

Ages 9 & up                             Limit 25 per class
Ages 9-12: 5:30-7:30pm         Jazz/Hip Hop (1hr) Musical Theatre (1 hr)

Ages 13 & up: 5:30-7:30pm     Musical Theatre (1 hr) Jazz/Hip Hop (1hr)
$60 + tax= $63.00 ($100 Value) $58.30 early bird 5/15/14

AUGUST 4TH – 7TH       (Mon. – Thurs.)

4- Day Diva Camp               
Ages 5-10 years                              5:30-7:30pm                                     $ 95+ tax $100.70 Includes all supplies
Must pre-register by 6/16/2014                         
Faculty: Jessica Marlow

Young girls absolutely love participating in this themed 4-Day Diva Camp, where they get to become a popular icon and learn several aspects of performing. “Divas” will learn staging, set/prop/costume design, create hairstyles and apply stage make-up. Of course our Diva wouldn’t be a Diva without learning to move and groove to popular song. This camp concludes with a mini-performance for family and friends!

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