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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes do you offer? 
We offer a diverse schedule of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Pointe, Choreography Combo's, Stretch & Strength, Turns & Leaps & Creative Movement.  We offer monthly workshops in dance, voice, acting, history, kinesiology, nutrition & music.
Is registration required in order to take classes?
We ask that every participant fill out a short on-line form available at the studio front desk or at our website  We do have special workshops that will specify when a pre-registration is suggested.  
Do I have to pay for a full month before I try a class?
We do not have a registration fee and welcome dancer's to try their first class in each style at no charge for placement and to check us out.  
How do I know which level of class to take?
We offer different levels after the age of 9.  We recommend taking a placement class in a level that is lower for the following reasons; you may be unfamiliar with a teacher's style, classes may be harder or more technical than what you are accustomed to.  If you've chosen a class that is not best for you, we will happily switch you to another class.  
What if my schedule only allows for class occasionally, can I take "drop-in" classes?
Our classes are available for drop in and you may sign into any class you wish on the day of the class according to your level of experience.  Our "Open" & Adult class schedule allows for busy students to "drop-in" and take class.  Other classes may close in January for recital opportunities and progression.  If it is your first time to the studio, we ask that you call or email us first for advice as to class selection. 
Does your school have a dress code?
We firmly believe in a dress code for our instructional classes,  it is explained on the Policies Page.  In our Adult & Workshop classes, you may wear what you feel most comfortable dancing in.  However, we suggest wearing clothes that allow the teacher to see your body so that corrections on placement may be made with more accuracy.  All dance wear is available for purchase at the studio or online.
What if I am late for class?
We understand busy schedules & students admitted into class after the start time will be asked to stretch on their own before dancing. This is to ensure proper warm-up, reduce injuries and class etiquette.   Late students can be a disruption to the flow of a class and if excessive a dancer may be asked to take a look at the schedule and adjust their registration.   Makeup classes are also available.
Am I allowed to watch my child in class?  
We offer viewing windows through the classroom doors to check on your child.  However, all classes except Kindermusik are closed so that teachers and students can retain their focus without distraction. Parent Observation days are held twice during the season where we encourage parents/guardians to observe their dancer's classes.
Do you have professional dance floors?  
Yes, we have invested in professionally sprung floors & professional surfaces to protect our dancers & instructors.
Do you have students teaching class?  
No, we do not use teens to teach our classes.  Our staff has professional credentials and would only use an under age dancer as a teacher's assistant
.Do you have a recital?  
Yes, we end our 32-week session with an optional showcase May 15-17th.  The recital allows students the chance to display what they have learned throughout the year.  There is an additional fee for costumes.
Do you have extra performance opportunities?  
We are first and foremost a studio focused on a top quality dance education.  Secondly, we offer companies with concert dance opportunities and/or competitive groups that our dancers choose their own involvement in. 
How will I be kept informed of holidays, upcoming events & other information?  
Students will receive updates via email, class notes & newsletters.  The best source of information is to frequently check the studio website 

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