Facility Built For Dance

PACE is conveniently located in a 6,000 square foot facility next to the Memorial Bridge at 505 24th Street in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Our studio creates the optimal setting for dance education by providing the best professional dance floors from American Harlequin and L’Air International, ensuring peak performance and injury prevention.  Both studios are constructed with the Sprung Floor system renowned for its design, uniform suspension, consistent shock absorption and controlled rebound which improves performers' safety and provides the same "feel" and energy return to one or several dancers.  We offer a break room, dressing room, lots of parking, observation windows & viewing tvs.


Studio B

Features a 40’ x 30’ sprung floor finished with Harlequin Studio Marley, a resilient versatile floor surface with firm cushion that is easy on muscles and joints.  The vinyl covering provides consistent traction and slip resistance which allows dancers to work without straining their ankles and knees.   This germ-free, versatile flooring is perfect for all types of dance from Pointe to barefoot.  The studio includes a 39' wall of mirrors and wall mount and portable ballet barres which enable students to quickly make corrections in posture and absorb the material much faster. Optional stage lighting is also provided.


Studio A

Features a 56'x50' Hardwood Performance Surface, free-floating over the sprung floor. The traditional wood dance floor has remarkable resiliency providing a natural "give" that affords better footing with fewer leg and ankle injuries.   The studio also contains 72' of ballet barres, a 50' wall of mirrors, an instructional stage for easy viewing of correct footwork, a disco ball,  stage lighting, state of the art professional sound system and video instruction technology.


We are located in the same building as the 11,000 square foot  Tumbling Center.  This space includes an In ground tumble trak, 16' foam pit, and large resi pit.  In addition, we have 2 break rooms for homework, free wifi, vending & plenty of parking.

Viewing TVs




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505 24th Street

Parkersburg, WV 26101