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Extra Performance Opportunities!

Community Performing Groups  

We offer groups that perform locally and regionally in Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary & Lyrical

Premier Competitive Company

Ashley West , Jessica Marlow & Rachel Romage offers a Premier Company, for dancers with a passion for dance to train extra hours, work with guest artists, and travel regionally. Company Directors will place dancers based on class work. Our performing students experience great success in the dance arena. They are prepared and learn first hand that hard work pays off.  Much is expected of them, and they gain great confidence, self-esteem, and perspective in the process.


Team membership is a wonderful opportunity to develop technical dance skills while making great friends and building self-esteem. The poise & self-confidence gained is invaluable to young dancers.

Annual Spring Recital 

Every student at PACE is invited to participate in our Annual Spring Recital, held at a Local Theater in May each year.  

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