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How to choose a dance studio

We believe that dance should be about fun and friends while learning to dance correctly from the very beginning. Whether you are a dance pro or a newbie always choose a studio to meet your child's goals while looking for these 10 important features of a dance studio!

1. Qualified instructors

2. Professional dance floor surfaces with a sprung foundation

3. Class Size - student/teacher ratio

4. Safety of the facility

5. Structured curriculum for each style

6. Observation windows

7. Parent watch weeks & recitals to view what is being taught

8. Outside learning opportunities

9. Parent/teacher conferences

10. A positive environment

By the time a dancer develops a passion for the art form you want to be sure they have been educated safely and properly. It can be very stressful to retrain years of bad habits because the foundation was rushed or incorrect. Not to mention the wasted time & resources. The right education can open doors, build confidence and help your student realize their own abilities to achieve their life dreams.

At PACE we strive to provide outstanding technical training in a positive environment that focuses on dependability, punctuality, responsibility, respect, and teamwork. Wonderful memories are made, lifelong friendships are formed and great work habits are developed. Goals are made, young dancers feel apart of something special and learn to work towards attaining those goals.

PACE is the perfect place for children to grow and learn to dance!


PACE Staff

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