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Tips for separation tears if your dancer is new to class

Every parent worries about it - Is my child going to love dance or is she going to cry when I leave her? If she cries what do I do? Our faculty has their own children and have so much experience so there is no need to worry. If your young dancer is scared the first night be patient, they will quickly be distracted by new friends, fun movement to music & love their dance experience. They will be assured that you are coming back after the first positive experience. Our teacher Miss Jessica shares her tips on how to prepare your dancer to be happy, smiling, and ready for dance class!

For our preschool dancers,

Talk to them all day about dance! Even if they are two years old in our Dance with ME class inform them that they will be dancing in class later that day. Tell them how much fun it will be to make new friends their age and move to music just like at home! Show them what their dancing clothes are and let them get excited on their dance class night to put those special "dance shoes and clothes" on. Let them know they will have a very nice teacher who will help them dance! Their teacher will be encouraging and love watching their favorite moves to the music. Miss Jessica, teaches our Dance with ME and has a two year old herself named Bayah. While Miss Jessica drives Bayah to the studio she talks to her about where they are going so Bayah is prepared and really excited. She encourages her that each time she tries something new it will be fun for her and she will achieve great things by being brave.

The first week will be what you make it if they are entering a new environment. Keep it positive. Refrain from putting scary thoughts in their head. Many times parents will instill feelings by saying "are you scared", "are you tired", "are you ... " Children will emulate what you ask of them, so try not to give them anything but positive thoughts and affirmation:) Instill confidence, preparedness, a positive courageous mindset & never let them over hear you talking with others about any concerns unless you want them to feel the same way:) Dance with ME is the best introduction to dance especially if your student does not have other activities away from you yet. If you find your child is to upset to separate there is no rush! Take a few weeks to try, come back in a couple of months, but do not worry they will grow out of it and it will be a precious memory to have had someday.

We are prepared and here for you! Everything gets easier with repetition and in no time a nervous dancer will be excited for dance class!

Live, Love & Dance Brilliantly!

Your PACE Staff

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