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Faculty Highlight - Michelle Lynch-Bowling

The 2017-2018 Dance Season will be Michelle's fifth year on faculty at PACE. Michelle Lynch-Bowling is our favorite local dentist and originally from Martinsburg, WV. She started dancing at a young age under the instruction of Carolou Russell at West Virginia School of Ballet. She enjoyed participating in West Virginia Dance Festival and has studied at Boston Ballet and Houston Ballet. Michelle got married and moved to Parkersburg in 2006 and now has 2 beautiful children. She is the 2013 Dancing with the Stars champion sponsored by the Actors Guild. Michelle has a passion for ballet and is thrilled to share her joy with our community and dancers.

Michelle dancing in Romeo & Juliet

Her favorite dancer is Tiler Peck of New York City Ballet. She loves helping dancers work on speed for petit allegro. Her goals this year are to focus on foot work, posture, and core. Her dancers achieve a strong arabesque that is at least 90 degrees for center work.

She is looking forward to this season and getting to know new students.

We LOVE the expertise & diligence she brings to her classes & we are very grateful our dancers have the opportunity to learn from her!

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