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The Ballet Bun

In the classroom your child is always learning more about proper dance etiquette. Most recently Miss Alison taught some students how to do their own ballet bun. For the younger ages, we often consider this the icing on the cake as simply getting to dance class on time is a huge accomplishment for most of us. Then putting on dance attire and pulling the hair up deserves a cheer as it can be quite a challenge! We are here to help you!

For all our preschool parents, we understand the difficulty so please do not stress over your Childs appearance. But we do appreciate your effort in teaching them. We simply LOVE to see your smiling children each week! Part of PACE's mission is education so the faculty tries hard each week to encourage your children in learning more and accomplishing new skills! As your children grow up in our studio we look forward to their progress in becoming knowledgable, responsible, and poised.

Therefore, Miss. Alison noticed the need for our dancers to learn how to do their own bun. She took time to teach them, and we hope they will continue to try. Below are links to pages which explain how to make a ballet bun. We hope this information helps teach our students. Most importantly we are an educating facility and look forward to watching the challenging preschool days change into successful high school days when they are role models for other students.




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